Weird Things Foreigners Say About Americans


Why do they have to be polite all the time?

While many foreigners think Americans are rude, just as many think they are sweet, but also too sensitive. A person from Spain, for example, says she even feels bad for Americans because they’ll usually be nice even if they’re uncomfortable.


Wearing pajamas in public is strange

Many foreigners are shocked to see Americans wearing pajamas in public. Some locals, however, also think wearing pjs makes people look like idiots, no matter how comfortable the loose clothes are.

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Americans are shooting each other all the time

Some people love the gun laws, but many also wonder why there are so many shootings in America and why you can easily buy a gun even though you can’t get Kinder Surprise eggs because they are illegal. Foreigners often point out how frightening it is to always see news about shootings.

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They are happy to give credit card info away

You go to a restaurant and you pay your bill how? By handing your credit or debit card to complete strangers, hoping they think you tipped them enough so they don’t sell or steal your information and make fraudulent purchases worth hundreds of dollars in your name. The pay-at-the-table option is available in Canada and most of Europe.