Weird Things Foreigners Say About Americans

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Americans just can’t seem to get the temperature right

It often seems to be too cold or too hot. In the summer, you escape the scorching hot weather by hanging out in air-conditioned stores, only to be out in the street again in 10 minutes because you are freezing.

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They should stop emailing after work hours

This is one of the worst habits Americans have, according to some Europeans who think Americans don’t stop working. In Europe, people work from 9 to 5, and relax after that. They don’t like being contacted about job-related matters late or on weekends.

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Americans are arrogant

Many people in Southern Europe, Greece, France, and Italy think Americans look down on people, according to Norwegian journalist René Zografos, author of “Attractive Unattractive Americans: How the World Sees America.” Ignorant and arrogant are other descriptions foreigners sometimes associate with Americans.

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Americans are “gear freaks”

Some Europeans think Americans like to always have the best and latest gadgets, and they show off their expensive cameras, phones, and handbags without any respect for other cultures’ dress codes.

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They are too loud

“Why do Americans laugh so loudly? Talk so loudly? We can hear you, you know,” says one person from Israel, but his sentiment is shared by many other foreigners.