Weird Things Foreigners Say About Americans

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Everything is “awesome”

The British say “brilliant” all the time and Americans, according to some foreigners, say “awesome” all the time. It’s a filler word that people don’t even put much meaning into. A man from England wonders: “You can’t possibly be THAT happy all the time or think everything is that awe-inspiring to call it awesome.”

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Americans smile too much

Like “awesome,” smiles have come to mean nothing because they are overused. Americans smile so much that often people, or at least one person from Finland, will assume a stranger is a drunk, insane, or from the United States when he or she smiles. There may be a scientific explanation: Emotional expressiveness has been found to be correlated with diversity, and America is among the most diverse countries in the world.

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They think Europe is just France, Germany and Britain

Some Europeans think that Americans take Europe to be only France, Germany, and Great Britain, while “the rest of us doesn’t exist.”

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Americans put too much ice in drinks

You ask for water and you get ice with some water. The same goes for soda or other soft drinks. Americans also love to put ice in whiskey and even wine. America’s obsession with ice cubes dates back to the 1800s when a man was trying to expand his ice harvesting business by convincing people to use it to cool their drinks.

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You shouldn’t have to pay more than expected

It’s confusing to many non-Americans that the price you see on an item is not necessarily the one you end up paying at the register. Basically, you have to have a degree in math to calculate how much your final bill will be. This is because stores don’t include tax on price tag, and tipping is, technically, not mandatory.