Weird Things Foreigners Say About Americans

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America goes to war everywhere

“My image of America is a country that goes to war anywhere in the world,” according to an 82-year-old retired agricultural lab technician from Tokyo, Japan. And at least one Italian has a similar view: “Trump, fast food, NY, Hollywood and wars.”

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They can’t make beer

A 43-year-old man from Oslo, Norway, thinks of burgers, the American dream, and cowboys when America comes to mind. “But one thing is for sure, they cannot make beer.”

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Failure is always an option

“Mythbusters,” a popular TV program about putting to test myths and urban legends, has taught at least one Reddit user that “failure is ALWAYS an option.”

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TMI when talking to strangers

Many foreigners agree that Americans are friendly, outgoing, and easily approachable. But they can also over do it, and be “a little on the TMI side when it comes to talking to strangers. Especially when they’ve been drinking,” as one person said on Reddit.

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America is unhealthy food

People all over the world associate America with supersized food portions. Many foreigners also link America’s fast food culture to health problems and the demise of small family farms.