This Is the Worst Thing About Every State

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South Dakota
Worst thing: Tough to be a teacher

Teachers in South Dakota make just $44,472 per year, the lowest amount of teachers from any state. The state also does a worse job of making sure educators are qualified than most other states.

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Worst thing: Largest share of adults who have had a stroke

About 5.4% of adults in Tennessee have had a stroke, a higher share than in any other state. For reference, 3.4% of American adults nationwide have had a stroke.

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Worst thing: Highest share of residents without health insurance

About 19.4% of people in Texas lack health insurance, the largest share of any state. Nationwide, the uninsured rate stands at 10.2%.

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Worst thing: Lowest education expenditure per student

Utah spends $7,179 per pupil, the lowest spending on public education per student than any other state. On average, per student spending across all states was $12,201 in fiscal 2017.

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Worst thing: Smallest economy

Vermont has the smallest economy of any state, with a 2019 GDP of $34.8 billion — nearly $5 billion less than the next closest state, Wyoming.