This Is The Most Neighborly State In America

Source: bauhaus1000 / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

Americans have become unusually mobile since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of this is because millions of people have worked from home. Some now have the ability to do that permanently. Accounting and consultancy firm PwC and other companies have announced that many of their workers will not need to return to the office — ever. This has allowed people to relocate to areas that they believe have better lifestyles and are perhaps less expensive.

While people can measure the financial advantages of cities and states, it is much harder to determine how people’s lifestyles will change if they move. OfferUp, a marketplace for local buying and selling, recently completed a study titled, “America’s 2021 Most Neighborly Cities and States.” According to OfferUp, the most neighborly state in America is Washington.

The report, OfferUp explains, “utilized data from OfferUp’s 56 million yearly users to understand better which communities have gone out of their way to support one another this past year and best demonstrate what it means to be a good neighbor in 2021.”

Six factors were considered: communicativeness, friendliness, generosity, honesty, punctuality, and reliability. While most of these make sense as metrics for neighborly behavior, punctuality seems to be a stretch. Here is the well-being of every state from best to worst, according to a new study.

Only the top 10 most friendly states were ranked. Washington ranked first. Each of the West Coast states made the list. California, the nation’s largest state based on population, ranked second. Oregon ranked seventh.

Only one state in the Midwest made the list. Illinois ranked fourth. Three states on the East Coast made the list, although none was adjacent to the other. Maryland ranked third, Florida eighth, and New York fifth. One Southern state made the top 10. Alabama ranked ninth. (Here are the states with the best and worst economies.)

The remaining two states in the top 10 are adjacent to one another. New Mexico ranked sixth, and Colorado ranked 10th. States in the middle of the country and The Plains States were notably absent.