This Is the Best NFL Player of All Time From Every State

Source: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Oklahoma: Steve Largent, WR
> Birthplace: Tulsa
> Years active: 1976-1989
> Primary team(s): Seattle Seahawks
> Honors: 7x Pro Bowl, All-pro, Hall of Fame
> Also considered: Dan Hampton

Source: Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Oregon: Ndamukong Suh, DT
> Birthplace: Portland
> Years active: 2010-present
> Primary team(s): Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
> Honors: 5x Pro Bowl, 3x All-pro
> Also considered: Dave Wilcox

Source: Rick Stewart / Getty Images

Pennsylvania: Joe Montana, QB
> Birthplace: New Eagle
> Years active: 1979-1994
> Primary team(s): San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs
> Honors: 8x Pro Bowl, 3x All-pro, 2x MVP, 4x Super Bowl champion, Hall of Fame
> Also considered: Johnny Unitas

Source: Courtesy of Vintage Football Card Gallery

Rhode Island: Gerry Philbin, DE
> Birthplace: Pawtucket
> Years active: 1964-1973
> Primary team(s): New York Jets
> Honors: 2x Pro Bowl, 2x All-pro, Super Bowl champion
> Also considered: Bill Osmanski

Source: Bob Levey / Getty Images

South Carolina: Art Shell, T
> Birthplace: Charleston
> Years active: 1968-1982
> Primary team(s): Oakland Raiders
> Honors: 8x Pro Bowl, 2x All-pro, 2x Super Bowl champion, Hall of Fame
> Also considered: Richard Seymour