This Is How Much Exercise It Takes to Burn Off Your Favorite Halloween Candies

Source: mediaphotos / Getty Images

Halloween is the one day of the year when everyone can appreciate a good fright. But for many, the scariest part of Halloween is actually what comes next. Eating several pounds of candy in a short period of time can have unpleasant effects on your physical health, including waistline.

It can be easy to lose track of just how unhealthy candy is, especially during times like Halloween, when candy companies roll out themed editions of their sweet treats. And it can be especially hard to resist candy in coronavirus times, when food can provide some much needed comfort.

24/7 Tempo compiled a list of popular Halloween candy and their caloric content, and what it would take to burn these calories off. We used data from Nutritionix, a food and nutrition database, with activity duration based on a person weighing 140 lbs. People who weigh more may burn calories in less time because it takes them more energy to perform the same activity. Conversely, people who weigh less may need more time.

The main concern with candy, and the reason it is so bad for you, is that it is full of sugar. Sugar has little nutritional value and packs on a lot of calories. If you want to reduce your sugar intake — after Halloween, of course — here are 27 top ways to cut sugar and boost your health.

An additional concern, especially for parents, is how to keep children safe during the spooky festivities. According to a survey from Insight to Action, a marketing research company, 46% of parents plan to go trick-or-treating. Here are 15 ways to keep kids safe on Halloween.