The Longest Living Dog Breeds in the US

The Longest Living Dog Breeds in the US

While a high-quality diet and regular exercise can lengthen the life of any dog, the truth is that, sadly, dogs don’t live as long as people. The average lifespan of a dog is between 10 and 13 years. Some canine breeds are estimated to live much longer than that.

To determine the dog breeds that have the longest life expectancy, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the life expectancy of nearly 300 dog breeds listed by the American Kennel Club.

In general, small-size breeds tend to live longer. Bigger dogs age more quickly as they actually grow in size much faster. This increases the risk of abnormal tissue developments such as certain cancer and diseases associated with aging such as arthritis.

Size is only one factor in choosing the right breed for a family. Small, medium, and large dogs are incredibly popular pets in the U.S. About 85 million American households own a pet, and more than 63 million of them have a dog — and this is how long America’s favorite dog breeds normally live.  

To identify the longest-living dog breeds in the United States, 24/7 Tempo reviewed information on each of the 282 dog breeds currently listed by the American Kennel Club, the country’s purebred dog registry. Breeds’ life expectancies are listed in a range. We only considered dog breeds who are estimated to live at least 13 years. Information on popularity, height, weight, and breed category also came from the AKC.

Source: Pleple2000 / Wikimedia Commons

46. Wetterhoun
> Life expectancy: 13 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 23 inches (male), 21.5 inches (female)
> Weight: 50-75 pounds
> Temperament: Loyal, Good-Natured, Intelligent

The wetterhoun is a very athletic dog that was originally bred for hunting otters. The dog is a loyal companion and is almost always by its owner’s side, according to AKC.

Source: LexiTheMonster / iStock via Getty Images

45. Croatian sheepdog
> Life expectancy: 13-14 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 16-20 inches
> Weight: 29-44 pounds
> Temperament: Loyal, Active, Alert and Intelligent

One of the first records of the Croatian sheepdog is from the 14th century, when Croats brought a shepherd dog to their land. A systematic program to breed the Croatian sheepdog was started in 1935.

Source: Madjuszka / iStock via Getty Images

44. Basenji
> Life expectancy: 13-14 years
> Popularity: 86 out of 197
> Height: 17 inches (male), 16 inches (female)
> Weight: 24 pounds (male), 22 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Independent, Smart, Poised

It’s rare to find a small dog with a relatively short life expectancy, but the basenji comes in at a light 24 pounds. And yes, this short-haired African hunting dog really doesn’t bark.

Source: Sjoerd.klaveringa / Wikimedia Commons

43. Stabyhoun
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 19-21 inches
> Weight: 40-60 pounds
> Temperament: Intelligent, Responsive, Loving

Stabyhouns are known to be very patient dogs, who love the family they live with. Bred by farmers with the goal to hunt moles and rabbits, these dogs have a great sense of smell, according to the AKC.

Source: Tangobutt / Wikimedia Commons

42. Kromfohrlander
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 15-18 inches
> Weight: 20-35 pounds
> Temperament: Intelligent, Active, Sensitive

Kromfohrlanders have a very particular smile and are known to sneeze when greeting someone, according to the AKC. They are easy to train. These dogs are also very active and love to climb and jump.

Source: Przemysław Iciak / iStock via Getty Images

41. German spitz
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 12-15 inches
> Weight: 24-26 pounds
> Temperament: Devoted, Lively, Attentive

The German spitz is a breed of spitz-type dogs from Germany that is very loyal to its owners. They also make a very good house watchdog because they naturally do not trust strangers, according to the AKC.

Source: BluIz60 / iStock via Getty Images

40. Bergamasco sheepdog
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 173 out of 197
> Height: 23.5 inches (male), 22 inches (female)
> Weight: 70-84 pounds (male), 57-71 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Independent, Sociable, Intelligent

The Bergamasco is a sheepdog with origins in the Middle East, but it has long been associated with, and gets its name from, the town of Bergamo in the Italian Alps. The breed’s most distinctive feature is its coat, which consists of hair of three different textures layered over its body and legs. This protects it from the elements and from predators.

Source: fotojagodka / iStock via Getty Images

39. Finnish spitz
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 187 out of 197
> Height: 17.5-20 inches (male), 15.5-18 inches (female)
> Weight: 25-33 pounds (male), 20-28 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Friendly, Good-Natured, Lively

The Finnish spitz, a hunting dog originally from Finland, was bred to hunt birds. Nicknamed the “barking bird dog,” the Finnish spitz is very vocal. One Finnish spitz is chosen every year for his hunting prowess to be King of the Barkers.

Source: Pleple2000 / Wikimedia Commons

38. Sussex spaniel
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 172 out of 197
> Height: 13-15 inches
> Weight: 35-45 pounds
> Temperament: Friendly, Merry, Even-Tempered

The Sussex spaniel is a hunting breed of dog native to Sussex in southern England. This breed was among the very first recognized by the AKC when the club was founded in 1884.

Source: LionH / iStock via Getty Images

37. Grand basset griffon Vendéen
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 188 out of 197
> Height: 16-18 inches
> Weight: 40-45 pounds
> Temperament: Independent, Happy, Outgoing

The grand basset griffon Vendéen is a scenthound that originated in the Vendée region of France. It has a shaggy coat, complemented by a shaggy moustache, beard, and eyebrows. It is a low-set dog with short legs, bred so that hunters on foot could keep up with it.

Source: Ryan Jello / iStock via Getty Images

36. American eskimo dog
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 119 out of 197
> Height: 9-12 inches (toy), 12-15 inches (miniature), 15-19 inches (standard)
> Weight: 6-10 pounds (toy), 10-20 pounds (miniature), 25-35 pounds (standard)
> Temperament: Playful, Perky, Smart

The “Eskie” was once used as a circus dog and is known for its white coat and triangular ears. With its famous white double coat, this breed is particularly well-suited for colder climates.

Source: LexiTheMonster / iStock via Getty Images

35. Parson Russell terrier
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 115 out of 197
> Height: 14 inches (male), 13 inches (female)
> Weight: 13-17 pounds
> Temperament: Friendly, Clever, Athletic

PTTs are very independent. They were originally bred for foxhunting, a very popular sport in England. The breed was named after Reverend John “The Sporting Parson” Russell, who was very passionate about hunting dogs.

Source: Bagicat / iStock via Getty Images

34. Irish terrier
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 120 out of 197
> Height: 18 inches
> Weight: 27 pounds (male), 25 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Bold, Dashing, Tenderhearted

The only all-red terrier, this excitable breed is known for its sometimes reckless behavior.

Source: CaptureLight / iStock via Getty Images

33. Silky terrier
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 108 out of 197
> Height: 9-10 inches
> Weight: around 10 pounds
> Temperament: Friendly, Quick, Keenly Alert

The silky, as this terrier is often called, comes from Sydney, Australia. The dog is bigger than its close cousin, the Yorkshire terrier — the two are often mistaken for one another.

Source: Farinosa / iStock via Getty Images

32. Toy fox terrier
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 113 out of 197
> Height: 9-12 inches
> Weight: 4-7 pounds
> Temperament: Friendly, Alert, Intelligent

The toy fox terrier is energetic, intelligent, and playful. It was bred in the last century for its size and hunting ability. Farmers who wanted a particularly small dog to catch rodents crossed fox terriers with toy dog breeds. The toy fox terrier was not registered by the American Kennel Club until 2003.

Source: s5iztok / E+ via Getty Images

31. Cairn terrier
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 73 out of 197
> Height: 10 inches (male), 9.5 inches (female)
> Weight: 14 pounds (male), 13 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Alert, Cheerful, Busy

Originally bred to aid Scottish farmers in catching pests, you probably know the most famous cairn terrier in the world as Toto from the “Wizard of Oz.”

Source: Eudyptula / iStock via Getty Images

30. West highland white terrier
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 44 out of 197
> Height: 11 inches (male). 10 inches, female inches
> Weight: 15-20 pounds
> Temperament: Loyal, Happy, Entertaining

Known as the Westie, this breed originated as a hunting dog in Scotland where the tenacious dog pursued vermin and has retained a strong prey instinct. It has an all-white double coat and an inquisitive expression. It is smart, independent, and energetic, and needs careful training and lots of exercise.

Source: LexiTheMonster / iStock via Getty Images

29. Pug
> Life expectancy: 13-15 years
> Popularity: 29 out of 197
> Height: 10-13 inches
> Weight: 14-18 pounds
> Temperament: Charming, Mischievous, Loving

Pugs have a lot of personality in a small package, and they like attention and affection. They are intuitive dogs and sensitive to the moods of their owners, which makes them good companions. They can be strong-willed but are not aggressive. They like to play with children but some supervision may be needed.

Source: kali9 / iStock via Getty Images

28. Alaskan klee kai
> Life expectancy: 13-16 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 13-17 inches
> Weight: 6-25 pounds
> Temperament: Loyal, Intelligent, Vigilant

The Alaskan klee kai is a spitz-type dog, developed in the 1970s as a companion dog that looks like, but is smaller in size than, the Alaskan husky. Klee kay means “little dog” in Athabaskan, the language of Alaskan Natives.

Source: cynoclub / iStock via Getty Images

27. Standard schnauzer
> Life expectancy: 13-16 years
> Popularity: 92 out of 197
> Height: 18.5-19.5 inches (male), 17.5-18.5 inches (female)
> Weight: 35-50 pounds (male), 30-45 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Fearless, Smart, Spirited

This dog rarely sheds, which is why it’s such a great candidate for someone who suffers from allergies. Just like any of the three types of Schnauzers, this breed has a wiry, tight-fitting coat that keeps debris off. What’s dug up outside, stays outside.

Source: Amax Photo / E+ via Getty Images

26. Shiba onu
> Life expectancy: 13-16 years
> Popularity: 43 out of 197
> Height: 14.5-16.5 inches (male), 13.5-15.5 inches (female)
> Weight: 23 pounds (male), 17 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Alert, Active, Attentive

The shiba inu is the most popular breed in its homeland of Japan. The breed was introduced to the United States as recently as 60 years ago.

Source: Instants / E+ via Getty Images

25. Xoloitzcuintli
> Life expectancy: 13-18 years
> Popularity: 131 out of 197
> Height: 10-14 inches (toy), 14-18 inches (miniature), 18-23 inches (standard)
> Weight: 10-15 pounds (toy), 15-30 pounds (miniature), 30-55 pounds (standard)
> Temperament: Loyal, Alert, Calm

The Xoloitzcuintli was named after an Aztec god — the Aztecs revered the breed and believed it to have healing powers. One of the world’s most ancient breeds, it was actually registered with the AKC from 1887 to 1959 as the “Mexican Hairless” dog, but was dropped because of insufficient numbers being bred and registered. The Xoloitzcuintl was subsequently revived and officially recognized in 2010.

Source: tsik / iStock via Getty Images

24. Chinese crested
> Life expectancy: 13-18 years
> Popularity: 79 out of 197
> Height: 11-13 inches
> Weight: 8-12 pounds
> Temperament: Affectionate, Alert, Lively

The Chinese crested is a small dog with a big heart. These alert and affectionate dogs are said to be cat-like, enjoying sitting in high places, according to the AKC.

Source: Barna Tanko / iStock via Getty Images

23. Pudelpointer
> Life expectancy: ~14 years
> Popularity: out of 197
> Height: 22-26 inches
> Weight: 45-70 pounds
> Temperament: Friendly, Smart, Willing to Please

The pudelpointer is a versatile hunting dog from Germany. The dog, which has been assigned to the sporting group, is a cross between a pointer and a poodle, whose genes are more dominant, according to AKC.

Source: Karen Appleby / iStock via Getty Images

22. Portuguese pointer
> Life expectancy: ~14 years
> Popularity: out of 197
> Height: 21-22 inches
> Weight: 35-59 pounds
> Temperament: Affectionate, Smart, Energetic

The Portuguese pointer is a medium-sized hunting dog, known for being very devoted to its owners, according to the AKC. The breed originated in the Iberian Peninsula sometime in the 12th century.

Source: JeeHyun_K / iStock via Getty Images

21. Jindo
> Life expectancy: ~14 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 18-22 inches
> Weight: 30-50 pounds
> Temperament: Alert, Intelligent, Bold

The Jindo is an indigenous dog native to Jindo Island, off the coast of South Korea, where they are called Jindo-kae or JIndo-kyon. The dog is officially a South Korean natural treasure. Jindos even made an appearance at the opening ceremony of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul.

Source: violet-blue / iStock via Getty Images

20. Italian greyhound
> Life expectancy: 14-15 years
> Popularity: 69 out of 197
> Height: 13-15 inches
> Weight: 7-14 pounds
> Temperament: Playful, Alert, Sensitive

The Italian greyhound is a much smaller version of its relative, the greyhound, is adaptable for both city and country life.

Source: mitja2 / iStock via Getty Images

19. Bichon Frise
> Life expectancy: 14-15 years
> Popularity: 45 out of 197
> Height: 10-12 inches
> Weight: 12-18 pounds
> Temperament: Playful, Curious, Peppy

The bichon frise is a hypoallergenic dog with a history of being pampered by French royalty.

Source: Dkm1987 / Wikimedia Commons

18. Teddy Roosevelt terrier
> Life expectancy: 14-16 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 8-15 inches
> Weight: 8-25 pounds
> Temperament: Playful, Versatile, Intelligent

The Teddy Roosevelt terrier is naturally a hunting dog, especially of squirrels and vermin. The dog gets along with other dogs and pets in the house. Teddies, as they are often called, are easily trained, according to the AKC.

Source: lenanet / iStock via Getty Images

17. American hairless terrier
> Life expectancy: 14-16 years
> Popularity: 129 out of 197
> Height: 12-16 inches
> Weight: 12-16 pounds
> Temperament: Energetic, Alert, Curious

The American hairless terrier appeared in 1972, when a hairless puppy was born in a litter of rat terriers in Louisiana. A breeding program led ultimately to registration by the AKC in 2016. In fact, it’s the first hairless breed to have originated in the U.S. The lack of hair means it’s not suitable for hunting or ratting, but it does make an excellent watchdog.

Source: Bigandt_Photography / iStock via Getty Images

16. German wirehaired pointer
> Life expectancy: 14-16 years
> Popularity: 60 out of 197
> Height: 24-26 inches (male), minimum 22 inches (female)
> Weight: 50-70 pounds
> Temperament: Affectionate, Eager, Enthusiastic

The German wirehaired pointer is somewhat bigger than its close relative, the German shorthaired pointer. A dependable hunting dog, its coat provides protection from rough terrain and bad weather. As a pet it needs a lot of exercise.

Source: FaST_9 / iStock via Getty Images

15. Papillon
> Life expectancy: 14-16 years
> Popularity: 53 out of 197
> Height: 8-11 inches
> Weight: 5-10 pounds
> Temperament: Friendly, Alert, Happy

This toy dog is named for the shape of its ears — “papillon” is French for butterfly. It was developed during the Renaissance by crossing other toy breeds with spaniels. It became popular with royalty and was featured in portraits by Rembrandt, Rubens and other famous artists. A papillion owned by Marie Antoinette waited outside the prison for the doomed queen.

Source: Sansargo / iStock via Getty Images

14. Belgian malinois
> Life expectancy: 14-16 years
> Popularity: 37 out of 197
> Height: 24-26 inches (male), 22-24 inches (female)
> Weight: 60-80 pounds (male), 40-60 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Confident, Smart, Hardworking

The Belgian Malinois, a big, high-energy dog, got its name after being bred in the Belgian city of Malines.

Source: Capuski / E+ via Getty Images

13. Chihuahua
> Life expectancy: 14-16 years
> Popularity: 34 out of 197
> Height: 5-8 inches
> Weight: not exceeding 6 pounds
> Temperament: Charming, Graceful, Sassy

Originating in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, these dogs are intelligent, loyal, and loving — but they are distrustful of strangers. Because they were bred for a warm climate, they don’t do well in the cold. Their tiny size makes them easy to carry around.

Source: Dorottya_Mathe / iStock via Getty Images

12. Havanese
> Life expectancy: 14-16 years
> Popularity: 24 out of 197
> Height: 9-12 inches
> Weight: 7-13 pounds
> Temperament: Intelligent, Outgoing, Funny

The Havanese is Cuba’s national dog. The breed is distinctive for its trademark curled-over tail.

Source: Klorinth / Wikimedia Commons

11. Norrbottenspets
> Life expectancy: 14-17 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 17-18 inches
> Weight: 20-30 pounds
> Temperament: Fearless, Agile, Attentive

The Norrbottenspets is a Nordic spitz from Sweden. There are not many Norrbottenspets in the world. In fact, they were even thought to be extinct by the Sweidish Kennel Klub until 1967.

Source: antoinedebroye / iStock via Getty Images

10. Hamiltonstovare
> Life expectancy: 14-17 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 19-24 inches
> Weight: 40-75 pounds
> Temperament: Agile, Versatile, Regal

The Hamiltonstovare, or Hamilton, is a hound dog, originally bred to hunt foxes in Sweden. Hamiltons are sometimes used as service dogs. The breed is very rare. There is only one breeder of this dog breed registered in the U.S.

Source: ValerijaP / iStock via Getty Images

9. Drever
> Life expectancy: ~15 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 12-15 inches
> Weight: 35-40 pounds
> Temperament: Loyal, Even-Tempered, Determined

Drevers are small-sized German hounds that are very social and get along well with other dogs, according to AKC. The breed has been bred since the 20th century, originally in Sweden, as a hunting dog.

Source: brians101 / Getty Images

8. Löwchen
> Life expectancy: 15+ years
> Popularity: 168 out of 197
> Height: 11-13 inches
> Weight: 10-15 pounds
> Temperament: Affectionate, Outgoing, Positive

The löwchen, or “little lion” in German, is a very popular dog breed in Europe, and has been for centuries. The dog’s origin, however, is uncertain. AKC calls the löwchens “small dogs with enormous heart.”

Source: Simona Osterman / iStock via Getty Images

7. Tibetan terrier
> Life expectancy: 15-16 years
> Popularity: 99 out of 197
> Height: 14-17 inches
> Weight: 18-30 pounds (male), slightly smaller (female)
> Temperament: Affectionate, Loyal, Sensitive

The Tibetan terrier is a double-coated dog that was bred and raised by Tibetan lamas nearly 2,000 years ago.

Source: DevidDO / iStock via Getty Images

6. Manchester terrier (toy)
> Life expectancy: 15-17 years
> Popularity: 132 out of 197
> Height: 10-12 inches
> Weight: under 12 pounds
> Temperament: Agile, Spirited, Intelligent

The Manchester terrier is a loyal and racy breed that comes in two sizes: toy and standard. The toy kind is a fearless dog that is distinguished from its standard sized counterpart by its pointed ear shape.

Source: eAlisa / iStock via Getty Images

5. Manchester terrier (standard)
> Life expectancy: 15-17 years
> Popularity: 132 out of 197
> Height: 15-16 inches
> Weight: 12-22 pounds
> Temperament: Spirited, Bright, Keenly Observant

As the name suggests, this terrier is native to the city of Manchester in England. These dogs are very athletic and are known for their tight coat of mahogany tan and jet black.

Source: LordRunar / E+ via Getty Images

4. Lagotto romagnolo
> Life expectancy: 15-17 years
> Popularity: 88 out of 197
> Height: 28.5-35 pounds (male), 24-31 pounds (female)
> Weight: 17-19 inches (male), 16-18 inches (female)
> Temperament: Affectionate, Keen, Undemanding

The lagotto romagnolo originated in Italy, where it has been used to hunt waterfowl and truffles. Its hunting skills mean it has also been used in search and rescue. The lagotto romagnolo can be shy, so socialization is very important, particularly during the early weeks of its life. As a working dog it needs regular mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Source: Bigandt_Photography / iStock via Getty Images

3. Coton de Tulear
> Life expectancy: 15-19 years
> Popularity: 80 out of 197
> Height: 10-11 inches (male), 9-10 inches (female)
> Weight: 9-15 pounds (male), 8-13 pounds (female)
> Temperament: Charming, Bright, Happy-Go-Lucky

The coton de Tulear is also known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar.” Coton is the French word for cotton, which the breed’s white coat resembles, and Tulear is a town in Madagascar. Coton de Tulear is a companion dog, an AKC designation that certifies a dog is able to perform obedience tasks. It is small but sturdy, with an expressive face and a hypoallergenic coat.

Source: VSFP / iStock via Getty Images

2. Biewer terrier
> Life expectancy: 16 years
> Popularity: Not ranked
> Height: 7-11 inches
> Weight: 4-8 pounds
> Temperament: Intelligent, Devoted, Amusing

Before it was the biewer terrier, the dog was called German Yorkshire terrier. The dog can be traced back to the 1970s and to a German married couple who had decided to breed, raise, and sell Yorkshire terrier instead of having children.

Source: adogslifephoto / iStock via Getty Images

1. Pyrenean shepherd
> Life expectancy: Late teens
> Popularity: 182 out of 197
> Height: 16-21 inches
> Weight: 15-30 pounds
> Temperament: Affectionate, Active, Enthusiastic

The Pyr shep originated in the Pyrenees Mountains and is still used today as a sheep herder. It is extremely devoted to its owner and needs to be kept busy. It comes in rough-faced and smooth-faced varieties that can be born within the same litter.

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