These Are The Best War Movies Ever

Source: pabradyphoto / Getty Images

Unlike most film genre’s war movie writers and directors tie the movie to a specific war, no matter how fictional the characters or implausible the plot. On rare occasions, the best war movies connect themselves to an actual figure or battle. However, with the list of the best war movies ever made, that is not the case. Imagination has trumped reality.

A fair number of the greatest war movies tie scripts to biography. Notable among these most notable include “Patton” and “Sergeant York.”

Another notable common point the best war pictures share concerns the fact that very few of them lend themselves to more than a small number of conflicts. Most notable, Vietnam, WWII, WWI, and the Civil War take the top places, perhaps because they were the largest in American history in duration, for the most part, and casualties.

Some war movies are based on true events and they often tell the life story of exceptional individuals. These are the 50 best movies based on true events.

To screen for films worth consideration, 24/7 Tempo examined the The American Film Institute’s “The 100 Greatest American Films Of All Time”, Vulture’s “The 50 Greatest War Movies Ever Made,” Rotten Tomatoes’ list of best war movies, and a similar analysis by IMDb. However, the weight of these contributed to, but did not determine the list, because the author has watched each one of our final tally.