These Are the Most Popular Star Wars Characters

Source: Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

15. Chewbacca
> Wikipedia pageviews, 2015-2021: 2,816,764
> Star Wars movies appearance: Episodes III, IV, V, VI, VII,VIII, IX

Chewbacca, or Chewie, is a legendary Wookiee warrior and is known as Han Solo’s best friend. He travels with him everywhere and co-pilots the Millenium Falcon. Chewy only speaks in his native language, which sounds like animal sounds, but he understands English. Initially, they are only hired to help Luke Skywalker and company with a mission to restore the Republic, but they end up fighting for the Rebellion throughout the series.

Source: Courtesy of Disney+ / Lucasfilm

14. Ahsoka Tano
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> Star Wars movies appearance: The Mandalorian

Ahsoka Tano is a Jedi and rebellion leader. A female member of the Togruta species, Tano is known for being impulsive and aggressive, eager to get into fights. Before he turns to the Dark Side, Anakin Skywalker is her Jedi master. Tano first appeared in the animated TV series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” before being embodied in live action by actor Rosario Dawson in “The Mandalorian.”

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13. Supreme Leader Snoke
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> Star Wars movies appearance: Episode VII, VIII, IX

Supreme Leader Snoke is a humanoid male that serves as the overarching antagonist in “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.” Known for being immensely powerful and having foresight into the future, Snoke serves as Supreme Leader of the First Order until his death.

Afterwards, it is revealed that Snoke was merely an artificial humanoid construct used as a proxy by the resurrected Darth Sidious. Snoke was played via motion capture by actor Andy Serkis.

Source: Eva Rinaldi, / Wikimedia Commons

12. Darth Maul
> Wikipedia pageviews, 2015-2021: 3,711,846
> Star Wars movies appearance: Episode I, Solo

Darth Maul is a Sith and lightsaber combat master that first appears in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.” Originally played by legendary stuntman Ray Park, Darth Maul dazzled audiences with his elaborate fight scenes and double-bladed lightsaber.

Though audiences are made to believe he was killed in “The Phantom Menace,” he survives and the character returns for a brief appearance in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” and a more substantial role in the animated series “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels.”

Source: Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

11. Padmé Amidala
> Wikipedia pageviews, 2015-2021: 4,397,355
> Star Wars movies appearance: Episodes I,II,III

Padmé Amidala is the elected queen of Naboo, who eventually becomes a member of the Galactic Senate. She was beloved by her people for fighting to liberate them after being invaded.

As the secret wife of Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala dies giving birth to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Following her term as Queen of Naboo, Padmé becomes Senator in the Galactic Republic and is one of the original opponents to the founding of the Galactic Empire.