These Are Longest Direct Flights in the World

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5. Los Angeles — Singapore
> Mileage: 8,770 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 17h 50 min

After just a year of service, United Airlines dropped its Los Angeles to Singapore direct route in October of 2018, leaving Singapore Airlines as the only carrier servicing the LA to Singapore route.

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4. Auckland — Dubai
> Mileage: 8,824 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 17h 5 min

Since March 2016, Emirates has offered service between Auckland on New Zealand’s North Island and Dubai — the longest flight operated by the airline at 8,824 miles.

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3. Perth — London
> Mileage: 9,010 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 17h 20 min

Qantas launched the first ever direct flight between Australia and Europe on March 25, 2018. Its Dreamliner jet carries about 29,000 gallons of fuel — 20% less than a traditional plane of its size.

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2. Auckland — Doha
> Mileage: 9,032 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 17h 40 min

The longest direct flight in the world when it first launched in February of 2017, this route from New Zealand to Qatar is over 9,000 miles and crosses 10 time zones.

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1. Singapore — Newark
> Mileage: 9,534 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 18h 30 min

Since October of 2018, the flight between Singapore and Newark has been the longest non-stop flight in the world. The route is operated by Singapore Airlines, which offers only business class and premium economy seats to keep customers more comfortable for the 18+ hour flight.