These Are Longest Direct Flights in the World

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10. Johannesburg — Atlanta
> Mileage: 8,439 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 16h 50 min

Non-stop service from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Atlanta, Georgia, is run once daily by Delta Airlines, and is the only flight on this list that flies over the Atlantic Ocean from the Southern to Northern Hemisphere.

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9. San Francisco — Singapore
> Mileage: 8,446 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 17h 5 min

Two airlines offer direct service between San Francisco and Singapore: United and Singapore Airlines. No first class service is available on either of the flights, which can run as quickly as 15 hours and 15 minutes, or upwards of 17 hours.

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8. Manila — New York
> Mileage: 8,520 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 16h 35 min

Since October 2018, Philippine Airlines has run a direct flight between Manila and New York’s JFK Airport. The new route launched just in time for the reopening of Boracay, a popular beach vacation spot that had been closed since April 2018 for cleaning and rehabilitation.

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7. Dallas/Fort Worth — Sydney
> Mileage: 8,578 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 17h 15 min

The flight between Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas and the Australian city is run by Qantas Airlines, whose recent federal approval for a joint business agreement with American Airlines means that more direct flights from the United States to Sydney and Brisbane are on the horizon.

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6. Houston — Sydney
> Mileage: 8,596 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 17h 30 min

The flight from Sydney, Australia to Houston, Texas — just 18 nautical miles longer than the flight from Sydney to Dallas — is serviced by United Airlines. Only a handful of aircraft, including Boeing 787s and Airbus A380s, have the fuel capacity necessary to make this flight over the Pacific Ocean.