These Are Longest Direct Flights in the World

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15. Toronto — Manila
> Mileage: 8,221 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 16h 40 min

This flight from the capital of Ontario in eastern Canada to the capital of the Philippine Islands in Southeast Asia can take multiple air routes, including a Polar route that flies over the Arctic Circle, covering parts of Greenland, Russia, and Mongolia.

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14. Doha — Los Angeles
> Mileage: 8,306 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 16h 15 min

After taking off from the capital of Qatar, this flight traverses northern Europe, Greenland, and Canada before landing in California.

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13. Jeddah — Los Angeles
> Mileage: 8,332 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 16h 10 min

From Jeddah on the west coast of Saudi Arabia to Los Angeles is 8,332 miles. Considering that a large commercial jet like Boeing’s 747 burns about five gallons of fuel per mile, this flight potentially uses about 41,660 gallons of fuel.

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12. Dubai — Los Angeles
> Mileage: 8,339 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 16h 20 min

The flight from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to Los Angeles is serviced by multiple jets, including the Emirates A380, a double-decker jumbo jet that features private first class suites, showers, business class beds, and a bar lounge. First class tickets on this flight can cost $26,000.

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11. Abu Dhabi — Los Angeles
> Mileage: 8,390 miles
> Approximate flight duration: 16h 30 min

Currently the longest direct flight into Los Angeles, the non-stop trip from the capital of the United Arab Emirates is run by Etihad Airways. If one is tempted to travel first class on this 16+ hour flight, one-way tickets are nearly $10,000.