The Year Every Team Won Their First Championship

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New York Mets
> Year of first title: 1969
> League: MLB
> First year in franchise history: 1962
> Total championships: 2

Filling the void left by the departed Dodgers and Giants, the New York Mets won a title in just their eighth season in existence in 1969.

Source: Jmj713 / Wikimedia Commons

New York Rangers
> Year of first title: 1928
> League: NHL
> First year in franchise history: 1926
> Total championships: 4

The New York Rangers won their first Stanley Cup in 1928 — the first team outside of Canada to win the NHL title.

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New York Yankees
> Year of first title: 1923
> League: MLB
> First year in franchise history: 1903
> Total championships: 27

No team in the big four sports leagues can stack up with the New York Yankees and their 27 championships. Surprisingly, the Yankees were around 20 years before winning their first title in 1923.

Source: The Sporting News Collection / Wikimedia Commons

Oakland Athletics (as the Philadelphia Athletics)
> Year of first title: 1910
> League: MLB
> First year in franchise history: 1901
> Total championships: 9

The Philadelphia Athletics were terrific in the 1910s, winning the World Series in 1910, 1911, and 1913. The team would win two more titles in Philadelphia before moving to Kansas City and playing there from 1955 to 1967. In Oakland, the A’s have won four more titles.

Source: Miami Dolphins / Wikimedia Commons

Oakland Raiders
> Year of first title: 1976
> League: AFL
> First year in franchise history: 1960
> Total championships: 3

Although the Oakland Raiders were champions of the AFL in 1967, they lost Super Bowl II, so this isn’t considered the year of their first title. The Raiders finally won their first Super Bowl after the 1976 season.

Source: Seattle Municipal Archives / Flickr

Oklahoma City Thunder (as the Seattle SuperSonics)
> Year of first title: 1979
> League: NBA
> First year in franchise history: 1967
> Total championships: 1

Before moving to Oklahoma City, the Thunder franchise played in Seattle as the SuperSonics for more than 40 years, winning the 1979 NBA title.

Source: Couresy of the Syracuse Nationals

Philadelphia 76ers (as the Syracuse Nationals)
> Year of first title: 1955
> League: NBA
> First year in franchise history: 1949
> Total championships: 3

The Philadelphia 76ers were once the Syracuse Nationals, a team that made the playoffs in each of the 14 seasons it existed, including 1955, when the team won its first title.

Source: Bowman Gum / Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia Eagles
> Year of first title: 1948
> League: NFL
> First year in franchise history: 1933
> Total championships: 4

The Philadelphia Eagles began their playoff history with three straight championship game appearances. The team lost the 1947 NFL title game but won it all in 1948 and 1949.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia Flyers
> Year of first title: 1974
> League: NHL
> First year in franchise history: 1967
> Total championships: 2

The back-to-back titles Philadelphia won in 1974 and 1975 remain the only Stanley Cups in Flyers history.

Source: Jonathan Daniel / Allsport / Getty Images

Philadelphia Phillies
> Year of first title: 1980
> League: MLB
> First year in franchise history: 1883
> Total championships: 2

Formed in 1883 as the Philadelphia Quakers, the Philadelphia Phillies franchise took nearly a century to win their first title, which came in 1980.