The Story Behind Every NFL Mascot

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21. New England Patriots
>Mascot: Pat Patriot
>When mascot was debuted: 1995

The New England Patriots, who joined the American Football League in 1960, adopted the Pat Patriot mascot, invoking the patriots who fought in the American Revolution. Those who don the mascot gear should perhaps ask for combat pay; at the last Pro Bowl, New York Jets safety Jamal Adams tackled an unsuspecting Pat Patriot for laughs and nearly injured him.

Source: Infrogmation of New Orleans / Wikimedia Commons

22. New Orleans Saints
>Mascot: Gumbo, Sir Saint
>When mascot was debuted: Gumbo (1998) Sir Saint (2009)

Gumbo, the mascot for the New Orleans Saints, is a St. Bernard puppy. The mascot is based on a real puppy given to the Saints by the Louisiana Restaurant Association in 1967, just before the Saints played their first NFL game. Another original mascot is Sir Saint, a helmet-wearing character with a protruding jaw, who returned to the Saints games in 2009 after a hiatus of several decades.

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23. New York Giants
>Mascot: N/A
>When mascot was debuted: N/A

The New York Giants have been in the NFL since 1925, but have never had a mascot. The Giants got their name from the New York baseball team of the same name, which many football teams did at that time.

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24. New York Jets
>Mascot: N/A
>When mascot was debuted:

Like their New York football brethren the Giants, the Jets also do not have a mascot. They joined the American Football League as the Titans and switched to the Jets to sound more modern.

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25. Oakland Raiders
>Mascot: Raider Rusher
>When mascot was debuted: 2013

The Oakland Raiders joined the American Football League in 1960, but did not adopt a mascot until 2013. Raider Rusher is derived from an animated cartoon series entitled “NFL Rush Zone” that was co-produced by the NFL and Nickelodeon. The Raiders, who embraced an outlaw persona in the past, are using the Raider character to be more youth-friendly.