The Story Behind Every NFL Mascot

Source: Conman33 / Wikimedia Commons

16. Kansas City Chiefs
>Mascot: K.C. Wolf
>When mascot was debuted: 1989

K.C. Wolf was first introduced in 1989 and was named after the team’s “Wolfpack,” the fans who sit in the bleachers. K.C. Wolf is portrayed by motivational speaker Dan Meers, who makes about 150 speaking engagements each year, talking to young people about being a buddy and not a bully, the importance of character, and eating healthful foods.

Source: Jeff Gross / Getty Images

17. Los Angeles Chargers
>Mascot: Boltman
>When mascot was debuted: 1995

Boltman was the unofficial mascot of the Los Angeles Chargers (formerly the San Diego Chargers), until Ramona, California, resident Dan Jauregui, who created the character, announced his retirement last year. Jauregui put his costume and the full intellectual property rights to the Boltman persona on eBay in July 2018 but got no takers.

Source: CASportsFan / Wikimedia Commons

18. Los Angeles Rams
>Mascot: Rampage
>When mascot was debuted: 2010

After several misfires trying to launch a mascot while they were still in St. Louis, including a fuzzy critter that looked like a rat, the Rams settled on a ram character who was named Rampage by fans. Rampage was introduced to the public by throwing out the first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals game in July of 2010.

Source: Eliot J. Schechter / Getty Images

19. Miami Dolphins
>Mascot: T.D.
>When mascot was debuted: 1997

T.D., shorthand for The Dolphin, is also the name of the Miami Dolphins mascot. The 7-foot dolphin has been representing the Dolphins since 1997 when then-coach Jimmy Johnson “signed” the mascot as a free agent. An original dolphin mascot called Flipper, named after the beloved star of the 1960s television series of the same name, was trained to jump out of the water after each Miami touchdown.

Source: Michael Steele / Getty Images

20. Minnesota Vikings
>Mascot: Viktor
>When mascot was debuted: 2007

The Minnesota Vikings are another team that made several prior attempts at launching a mascot and eventually settled on Viktor, a muscle-bound, blond-haired, horned-helmet wearing character, in 2007. The mascot was developed to appeal to the team’s younger fan base.