The Most Embarrassing Records in Sports History

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1. Most strikeouts in one season
> Record: 223 strikeouts
> Record holder: Mark Reynolds
> Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
> Year: 2009

Mark Reynolds struck out 223 times during the 2009 season, shattering his own record of 204 punchouts from the previous season. Despite all the swings and misses, Reynolds still had a good season, batting .260 with 44 home runs.

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2. Most minutes without a point, rebound, or assist in one game
> Record: 34 minutes
> Record holder: Derek Fisher
> Team: Los Angeles Lakers
> Year: 2009

Los Angeles Laker Derek Fisher was known as a do-it-all point guard in his 18-season career. But in a 2009 game against the Houston Rockets, he didn’t really do anything. Fisher was on the court for just over 34 minutes and did not record a single point, rebound, or assist — the longest time any NBA player has spent on the court without contributing in any of those categories. He missed all five of his shots, but the Lakers managed to win the game in overtime. Despite this embarrassing record, Fisher was a key contributor to the Lakers title that season.

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3. Most times sacked in one season
> Record: 76 sacks
> Record holder: David Carr
> Team: Houston Texans
> Year: 2002

David Carr, the first player selected by the newly formed Houston Texans organization, received a rude welcome to the NFL in 2002. His inexperienced offensive line allowed the rookie QB to be sacked a record 76 times. Despite the constant hits, Carr never missed a game that season. He would go on to lead the NFL in sacks taken in 2004 and 2005 as well.

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4. Most goals allowed in one game
> Record: 15 goals
> Record holder: Doug Soetaert
> Team: Winnipeg Jets
> Year: 1981

No modern NHL goalie has ever had a worse day than Doug Soetaert. The Winnipeg Jets netminder allowed 15 goals in a loss to the Minnesota North Stars, shattering the previous record of 11. Soetaert actually allowed no goals through the game’s first 15 minutes, before letting in two first-period goals. He allowed eight goals in the second and five in the third. Though the team’s coach and defenders accepted their part of the blame, Soetaert reportedly left the arena without saying a word following the game.

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5. Most doubles plays grounded into in one game
> Record: 4 double plays
> Record holder: Joe Torre
> Team: New York Mets
> Year: 1975

Before becoming a Hall of Fame manager, Joe Torre was a terrific player in the 1960s and 1970s. In a 1975 game against the Houston Astros, Torre made history by becoming the first and only player to ground into four double plays in a single game (two other players hit into four double plays in one game in the 1930s, but those players appear to have flied into at least one each, so at least some of the blame for those goes to the baserunners). Making it even more unlikely, those were Torre’s only four at-bats of the game.