The Most Beautiful Natural Wonder in Every State

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Kansas: Monument Rocks

The Monument Rocks, also known as Chalk Pyramids, are one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas. The site is located near U.S.-83 in western Kansas. Though they are on private land, the 70-foot tall rock formations, formed around 80 million years ago, are open to the public during the day.

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Kentucky: Grayson Lake

Grayson Lake in Olive Hill is surrounded by sandstone bluffs covered in dense forest. Part of a 1,500 acre state park, the lake is open to canoeing and kayaking, and is particularly beautiful after rain, when waterfalls appear along the rock formations, some of which can only be viewed by boat.

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Louisiana: Atchafalaya Basin

The largest swamp in the United States, the Atchafalaya River Basin covers nearly a million acres. Composed of marshes, iconic moss-draped cypress groves, lakes, and bottomland hardwood forest, the area is a crucial wildlife habitat and home to the largest population of nesting bald eagles in the region.

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Maine: Cutler Coast

The Cutler Coast Public Reserve lies close to the Canadian border outside of Cutler, Maine. Hiking trails ranging from 2.8 to 9.2 miles round-trip offer access to the sheer cliffs and undeveloped coves often referred to as the Bold Coast.

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Maryland: Great Falls

Great Falls Park in Maryland offers multiple overlooks of the many rapids and waterfalls on the Potomac River outside of Washington DC. Though there are numerous hiking trails in the park, the Billy Goat Trail offers some of the best closeup views of the falls.