The Most Beautiful Cabins Across America

Source: Courtesy of Jim via Airbnb

Hawaii: Crater Rim Cabin
> Location: Volcano
> AirBnb rating: 4.98

Source: Courtesy of Kecia via Airbnb

Idaho: The Bunkhouse
> Location: Cascade
> AirBnb rating: 4.97

Source: Courtesy of Geloria Or Tonya via Airbnb

Illinois: Hummingbird Cabin
> Location: Buncombe
> AirBnb rating: 4.94

Source: Courtesy of Jeremiah via Airbnb

Indiana: Cozy Cabin at Coppertop Barn
> Location: Grovertown
> AirBnb rating: 4.92

Source: Courtesy of Ernie And Mindy via Airbnb

Iowa: Little Cabin in the Woods
> Location: Newton
> AirBnb rating: 4.97