The Most Beautiful Cabins Across America

Source: Courtesy of Bryan via Airbnb

Colorado: Grandma’s Cozy Cabin on Fall River
> Location: Idaho Springs
> AirBnb rating: 4.83

Source: Courtesy of Jordyn via Airbnb

Connecticut: The Little Lake Cabin
> Location: New Fairfield
> AirBnb rating: 4.99

Source: Courtesy of Lisa via Airbnb

Delaware: TheCabINN
> Location: Greenwood
> AirBnb rating: 4.89

Source: Courtesy of Bernie via Airbnb

Florida: Private river cabin for 2
> Location: Bonita Springs
> AirBnb rating: 4.91

Source: Courtesy of Jason via Airbnb

Georgia: Twilight River Cabin
> Location: Blairsville
> AirBnb rating: 4.82