The Most Anticipated Movies Still to Come in 2021

Source: Courtesy of A24

The Green Knight
> Anticipated: In Theaters on Friday, July 30

Dev Patel stars as Sir Gawain in this epic retelling of a 14th-century chivalric romance. A reckless and stubborn nephew to King Arthur, Gawain puts his honor to the test in his pursuit of the mythical Green Knight.

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> Anticipated: In Theaters on Friday, July 30

From the director of “Spotlight” comes this somber crime drama, which takes loose inspiration from the Amanda Knox saga. An American father (Matt Damon) travels to France to help his estranged daughter (Abigail Breslin), who’s been arrested for murder. It premiered at Cannes to a five-minute standing ovation and somewhat mixed reviews.

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The Suicide Squad
> Anticipated: In Theaters on Friday, Aug. 6

The world’s most dangerous supervillains are sent on another kamikaze mission in this R-rated sequel. Joined by a shady task force, they penetrate a heavily-guarded remote island. DC fans are hoping director James Gunn can do for this franchise what he did for Marvel with both “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies.

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Don’t Breathe 2
> Anticipated: In Theaters on Friday, Aug. 13

Before “A Quiet Place” there was 2016’s “Don’t Breathe,” in which a young woman’s silence similarly meant the difference between life and death. This sequel takes place years later and features the return of Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang), the deadly blind man from the original.

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> Anticipated: In Theaters on Friday, Aug. 13

This upcoming biopic stars multi-hyphenate Jennifer Hudson as legendary R&B singer Aretha Franklin. It follows the “Queen of Soul” from her early days in the church choir to her blockbuster success on the international stage.