The Love, Money, UFO and 28 Other Unofficial Capitals of the World

Source: jacoblund / Getty Images

Seven U.S. cities claim to be the Watermelon Capital of the World, while countless other towns dub themselves the capital of some quirky, obscure, or mundane attribute, such as leap year, raisins, or hubcaps.

24/7 Tempo reviewed hundreds of unofficial capitals of the world, and selected 30 that possess substantial evidence to back their titles. Some claims are statistically validated, such as the skin cancer and bourbon capitals of the world, while others remain subjective. 

There are some unique capitals you may have never heard of before. In fact, some of the cities in general on the list you have probably never heard of. DO you know where Ouagadougou is? It’s where two-wheel vehicle rule the world. 

You can probably find a capital of anything — animals, fruits, various types of crime, consumer goods, and some other very strange things. It’s not easy to measure bizarreness, but some quirks stand out more than others — just like in these examples of surprising things countries are No. 1 at.