The Longest City Name in Every State

Source: Wikimedia Commons / John Phelan

> City with the longest name: West Springfield
> Population: 28,666

Most commonly known as simply West Springfield, the U.S. Census Bureau has the area west of Springfield, Massachusetts officially listed as “West Springfield Town city.” The three-word name makes it a shoe-in for the longest city name in Massachusetts.

Source: kenlund / Flickr

> City with the longest name: Village of Grosse Pointe Shores
> Population: 2,860

Though the Census lists it as “Village of Grosse Pointe Shores city,” the longest city name anywhere in America, the city’s residents actually voted in 2009 to incorporate it as “Village of Grosse Pointe Shores, A Michigan City.” The shores referenced in the name are along Lake St. Clair, which is connected to Lake Erie by the Detroit River.

Source: formulanone / Flickr

> City with the longest name: Norwood Young America
> Population: 3,700

The cities of Norwood and Young America merged in 1997. Young America’s peculiar name also has a peculiar back story. The town was first called Teuteberg, but the town sign was flattened by a herd of oxen. Fearing that was a bad omen, townspeople changed the name to Florence, but the name was already taken. They finally settled on Young America.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Magnolia677

> City with the longest name: North Carrollton
> Population: 303

North Carrollton is a small town of fewer than 500 people that is located in the center of Mississippi. It sits just north of the larger city of Carrollton, with the two cities divided by the Yalobusha River.

Source: Paul Sableman / Wikimedia Commons

> City with the longest name: Bellefontaine Neighbors
> Population: 10,613

Bellefontaine Neighbors is a suburban city. It not only has the longest name in the state of Missouri, but, at 22 letters, it also has one of the longest names of any incorporated city, town, or place in the country. Bellefontaine Neighbors is just about 20 minutes away from the Gateway Arch and downtown St. Louis.