The Key to Becoming More Productive Is This

Source: Drazen_ / E+ via Getty Images

Goals…they are scary not just around the New Year when we all resolve to get healthier and better manage our finances. They are scary year round because we often fail at achieving them. Lack of willpower gets most of the blame, but maybe we just need to work on organizing our day better.

Higher productivity, which means achieving more in a certain amount of time, is hard to accomplish, and it’s not instantaneous. Just like forming bad habits, forming good ones takes time and commitment. The road to a more productive version of yourself begins with small steps.

24/7 Tempo talked to several life and career coaches to find out exactly what people can do to become more productive. Many people need help getting things done. Finishing a project or accomplishing a difficult task can be very stressful. (This is what Americans are most stressed-out about.)

“We can become more productive immediately but in order to remain productive, we must remain committed to our psychological tools and reminders,” Sara Oliveri, life coach and speaker based in Washington D.C., said. “We must not expect to proceed thoughtlessly at any time [because] it is easy to slip back into old patterns.”

What stops many people from staying focused on the end result and from being more productive are negative and critical thought patterns, Oliveri added. “Letting superficial ‘shoulds’ guide [your] goals is a bad habit.”

So is checking the internet and social media too often. Most of the time the real reason people do it is to avoid the discomfort of digging into a high-focus or difficult task, Oliveri noted.  

This is also true for multitasking, according to Catherine Wood, a career coach. “Multitasking is a distraction from an activity that we are scared of doing.”

To compile a list of tips and tricks people can use to be more productive, 24/7 Tempo consulted several life and career coaches with years of experience in helping people achieve their goals.