The Greatest Football Movies of All Time

Source: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

24. Little Giants (1994)
> Combined score: 1.63 — #6,926 out of 17,159 movies
> IMDb rating: 6.4
> Rotten Tomatoes audience score: 63%
> Starring: Rick Moranis, Ed O’Neill, Shawna Waldron, Devon Sawa

In this family comedy, Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neill play brothers living in a small Ohio town. They wind up becoming coaches of rival Pee Wee Football teams. And, of course, they end up in a big game for the championship. The movie even has a little nod to feminism.

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23. The Waterboy (1998)
> Combined score: 1.67 — #6,692 out of 17,159 movies
> IMDb rating: 6.2
> Rotten Tomatoes audience score: 71%
> Starring: Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk

In one of Adam Sandler’s most beloved movies, the comedian plays a somewhat mentally challenged man who is the water boy for the University of Louisiana football team. Often mistreated by the players, he is fired after being labeled “a distraction.” He finds a new job as water boy for the ne’er-do-well South Central Louisiana State University. Ultimately, he winds up as a player for the Mud Dogs in the Bourbon Bowl, where they face his former team. You can guess what happens next.

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22. 23 Blast (2014)
> Combined score: 1.68 — #6,653 out of 17,159 movies
> IMDb rating: 6.5
> Rotten Tomatoes audience score: 66%
> Starring: Mark Hapka, Bram Hoover, Stephen Lang, Max Adler

In this drama based on a true story, the main character, Travis Freeman, is a high school football star in Kentucky until he loses his sight because of a bacterial meningitis infection. As he struggles to adjust to his blindness, he just can’t give up his love for football. With the encouragement of his coach, he manages to find his way back onto the gridiron.

Source: Courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films and Destination Films

21. Facing the Giants (2006)
> Combined score: 1.68 — #6,634 out of 17,159 movies
> IMDb rating: 6.6
> Rotten Tomatoes audience score: 85%
> Starring: Alex Kendrick, Shannen Fields, Jason McLeod, Tracy Goode

In this Christian drama, Alex Kendrick plays Coach Grant Taylor, who just can’t win. Literally. He goes into his seventh season with a losing record and promptly loses the first three games of the season. Meanwhile, he discovers that he is unable to get his wife pregnant. So he takes a different approach, praising God after every game, even if it is a loss. The story culminates in the big game, with everything on the line, and Taylor’s field goal kicker looking at what seems to be an impossible 51-yard attempt.

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20. The 5th Quarter (2010)
> Combined score: 1.73 — #6,314 out of 17,159 movies
> IMDb rating: 5.6
> Rotten Tomatoes audience score: 62%
> Starring: Andie MacDowell, Aidan Quinn, Ryan Merriman, Anessa Ramsey

In this drama based on a true story, Ryan Merriman plays Jon Abbate, whose 15-year-old brother is killed in a car crash caused by a reckless teenage driver. Abbate becomes motivated to play for the Wake Forest football team in honor of his brother, leading the Demon Deacons to success.