The Biggest Comebacks in Music History

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40. Wilbert Harrison
> Comeback song: Let’s Work Together (Part 1)
> Entered Top 40: 1/24/1970
> Years between Top 40 hits: 10.5

North Carolina-born rhythm-and-blues singer Harrison topped the pop charts with his interpretation of the old blues classic “Kansas City” in 1959, but he didn’t make the Top 40 again until 1970. Interestingly, Harrison originally recorded his comeback hit, “Let’s Work Together,” in 1962, under the title “Let’s Stick Together,” but it didn’t go anywhere. It wasn’t until he re-recorded it, with alternative lyrics and a slightly different title, eight years later that it became a success.

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39. Metallica
> Comeback song: The Day That Never Comes
> Entered Top 40: 9/6/2008
> Years between Top 40 hits: 10.7

Prior to their comeback song, the legendary heavy metal band’s last Top 40 hit had been in 1998 with “The Memory Remains” (with backing vocals by Marianne Faithfull). More than a decade later, after weathering various personal and creative conflicts, Metallica scored again with “The Day That Never Comes,” which peaked at No. 31.

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38. Neil Sedaka
> Comeback song: Laughter In The Rain
> Entered Top 40: 11/16/1974
> Years between Top 40 hits: 10.9

Neil Sedaka is a prolific songwriter and singer who became a teen star in the 1950s. His singing career tailed off in the 1960s, and he posted his last Top 40 hit, “Bad Girl,” in 1963, before he made a comeback as a performer. Sedaka continued to write hit songs for other artists. Sedaka rebounded in 1974 with the hit “Laughter in the Rain,” his third No. 1 as an artist on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Sedaka has had nine top 10 songs.

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37. Peaches & Herb
> Comeback song: Shake Your Groove Thing
> Entered Top 40: 1/27/1979
> Years between Top 40 hits: 11.0

Peaches & Herb had a string of five Top 40 hits in the 1960s, culminating with “Two Little Kids” in 1968. Subsequent releases made the Top 100, but none had cracked the Top 40 again until 11 years later with “Shake Your Groove Thing.” The song was followed shortly thereafter by their only No. 1 hit, “Reunited.”

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36. Peggy Lee
> Comeback song: Is That All There Is
> Entered Top 40: 10/11/1969
> Years between Top 40 hits: 11.0

Peggy Lee, singer and lyricist, scored a Top 40 hit with “Is That All There Is” in 1969, 11 years after her last hit, “Fever.” “Is That All There Is” received a Grammy Award nomination for Record of the Year. Lee, born Norma Deloris Egstrom, was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. She collaborated with such talents as Duke Ellington, Steve Allen, and Dave Grusin.