The Best Coffee Shops in the Midwest

Source: Courtesy of Deeper Roots Coffee via Facebook

Deeper Roots Coffee
> Cincinnati, Ohio

After forging a cooperative relationship with a community of coffee farmers in Santa María de Jesús, Guatemala, a group of friends founded Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati in 2011. Since then, they’ve continued to collaborate with like-minded coffee producers from diverse regions, exploring taste, quality, and sustainability. Deeper Roots started as a roastery, but they’ve since opened three coffee bars in town, and each is quaint and charming. For aspiring coffee aficionados, they also offer a variety of classes from cupping to espresso making to manual brewing methods.

Source: Courtesy of Pure Bean via Facebook

Pure Bean
> Rapid City and Box Elder, South Dakota

“Coffee With a Cause” is the motto at Pure Bean, a boutique roastery that sources beans from each of the world’s four major coffee regions and roasts them using a high-tech process called air roasting, which results in a supremely clean-tasting and aromatic cup. And as for that “Cause?” Ten percent of all profits go to charities that help orphans and children living in extreme poverty around the world.

Source: Courtesy of Qahwah House via Facebook

Qahwah House
> Dearborn, Michigan

“Qahwah” is the Arabic word for coffee – which reportedly originated in Yemen in the 14th century. The founder, Ibrahim Alhasbani, also hails from Yemen, and that’s where he’s sourcing all his coffee from; in fact, his family owns the coffee farm. His shop is spacious and decorated with Yemeni relics, and the coffee is available in custom blends as well as medium, dark, and espresso roast. If you stop in, be sure to try the sabaya, a flaky, layered traditional Yemeni pastry.

Source: Courtesy of Reverie Coffee Roasters

Reverie Coffee Roasters
> Wichita, Kansas

Reverie roasts a variety of small-batch coffees, led by expert coffee roaster Oscar Pineda. Coffee is sourced from around the world and, after roasting, brewed with care, and served in this charming coffee bar or sold wholesale to local businesses and restaurants. Popular blends include Bone Shaker (orange zest, chocolate, and caramel notes), Moonless Midnight (dark chocolate, dates, and pecan notes), and 24K Goat (with notes of chocolate, baking spices, and nuts), and lots of single-origin options are available, too.

Source: Courtesy of Roos Roost Coffee

Roos Roost
> Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor native John Roos carefully sources coffee beans from around the world (primarily Central and South America), and he roasts and sells them at this charming coffee bar and at local farmers markets, coffee shops, and groceries. The shop sells whole beans, a variety of coffee drinks, half-gallons to go, and food options including burritos, coffee cakes, and pastries. The most popular blend is the Sumatra-based Lobster Butter Love, which is smooth and creamy with low acidity and nutty aftertones.