The Best Breakfast Sandwich in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Dana K via Yelp

> Sandwich: Bacon Egg Cheddar
> Restaurant: Waffle Champion
> City: Oklahoma City

The ingredients for this breakfast sandwich might be standard, but the “bread” isn’t: It’s a waffle, either the “not too sweet” buttermilk batter variety or a Belgian-style yeast-dough Liège waffle with caramelized sugar. (As an alternative, the fixings can also be served over waffle fries.)

Source: Courtesy of Dianna H. via Yelp

> Sandwich: The Reggie Deluxe
> Restaurant: Pine State Biscuits
> City: Portland (five locations)

Fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and an egg come together on a gravy-topped biscuit for the Reggie Deluxe. A Veggie version is also available, made with a vegan sausage patty, tofu bacon and cheese, and shiitake mushroom gravy.

Source: Courtesy of Geoffrey S. via Yelp

> Sandwich: Cheese Steak & Eggs
> Restaurant: John’s Roast Pork
> City: Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s iconic sandwich is of course the cheesesteak, and the version at John’s — made with a long, crusty sesame roll and a choice of American or mild or sharp provolone — has been rated the best in town by some critics. Not surprisingly, the breakfast version, which adds eggs to the basic recipe, is a favorite, too.

Source: Courtesy of Joe C. via Yelp

Rhode Island
> Sandwich: Three
> Restaurant: Ten Sandwiches
> City: Westerly

Items on the menu here go by numbers. The breakfast sandwich called simply Three is made with soupy (a dry-cured, well-spiced sausage that is a Westerly specialty), prosciutto, a farm egg, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and red onion on ciabatta bread.

Source: Courtesy of Michelle K. via Yelp

South Carolina
> Sandwich: Sausage, Egg and Pimento Cheese
> Restaurant: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit
> City: Charleston (three locations in two states)

The egg can be fried or scrambled and the pimento cheese can be regular or “fiery” in this sandwich made on (what else?) a biscuit from noted local biscuit baker Carrie Morey. (Callie was her mother.)