The Best Breakfast Sandwich in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Mic L. via Yelp

New Mexico
> Sandwich: El Diablo
> Restaurant: The Farmacy
> City: Albuquerque

This Albuquerque breakfast and lunch place offers several variations on the breakfast sandwich, but a favorite is the El Diablo — a fried egg with cheddar, caramelized onions, and spicy house-made Diablo sauce on ciabatta bread.

Source: Courtesy of Kat N. via Yelp

New York
> Sandwich: Egg & Cheese with Bacon
> Restaurant: Ess-a-Bagel
> City: New York City

New York City might well be considered the capital of the breakfast sandwich, so any designation of a single purveyor as “best” will be controversial — but this Midtown bagel shop, whose bagels are often called the city’s finest, also regularly makes the top of various lists for its morning sandwich combinations. Of the many available, this one, served on one of 14 bagel varieties, is the classic.

Source: Courtesy of Daniel F. via Yelp

North Carolina
> Sandwich: Chicken Breast Biscuit with Egg & Cheese
> Restaurant: Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen
> City: Chapel Hill (two area locations)

An oversize homemade biscuit is the basis for this classic Southern breakfast sandwich, but Sunrise — a drive-through and counter-service operation — will substitute a bun or whole wheat bread upon request.

Source: Courtesy of John M. via Yelp

North Dakota
> Sandwich: Bacon, Egg and Two-Year Cheddar Bagel
> Restaurant: BernBaum’s
> City: Fargo

This classic breakfast sandwich is enhanced with carrot horseradish and sweet pickles at BernBaum’s, which has been hailed as the state’s best Jewish deli.

Source: Courtesy of Andi B. via Yelp

> Sandwich: Goetta, Egg, and Cheese
> Restaurant: Eckerlin Meats
> City: Cincinnati

Eckerlin isn’t a restaurant, it’s a butcher shop, located in Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market. It serves this sandwich — combining egg and cheese with the city’s emblematic goetta, a subtly spiced pork and oatmeal sausage — straight from the butcher counter.