The Best Breakfast Sandwich in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Eric R. via Yelp

> Sandwich: The Tom Cat
> Restaurant: Cateye Café
> City: Bozeman

In case bacon, sausage, or ham aren’t meaty enough for you, this breakfast sandwich is based around a third-of-a-pound Angus beef burger, with a fried egg, Gouda cheese, and tomato jam, all piled inside a giant English muffin.

Source: Courtesy of Sarah G. via Yelp

> Sandwich: Whole Egg Sandwich
> Restaurant: Culprit Café
> City: Omaha (two locations)

This Omaha café and bakery bakes its breads in-house, including the brioche on which this frittata sandwich with grilled ham or bacon and fontina cheese is arrayed.

Source: Courtesy of L F. via Yelp

> Sandwich: The Fat Elvis
> Restaurant: MTO Café
> City: Las Vegas (two area locations)

Behind the perhaps unkindly name of this gargantuan breakfast sandwich is a combination of ingredients beloved by the late musical legend — peanut butter, bananas, and bacon — along with Nutella and strawberries, all of it stuffed between two pieces of griddled French toast.

Source: Courtesy of Matthew A. via Yelp

New Hampshire
> Sandwich: McMaddie’s
> Restaurant: Maddie’s Bagel & Eatery
> City: Salem

A fried egg, melted cheddar, grilled Black Forest ham, and bacon combine between two slabs of grilled Texas toast for a “breakfast on bread” at this family-owned place in a town just east of Nashua.

Source: Courtesy of Staci M. via Yelp

New Jersey
> Sandwich: Pork Roll with Egg and Cheese
> Restaurant: Frank’s Deli
> City: Asbury Park

Pork roll is a New Jersey specialty (in the state’s northern reaches, it’s known as Taylor ham), a cured, smoked processed pork product that’s somewhere between Canadian bacon and Spam. It shows up often in breakfast sandwiches in the Garden State, as at Frank’s, where it’s combined with egg and cheese on a (bread) roll.