The Best Basketball Player From Every State

Source: Bowman Gum / Wikimedia Commons

Hawaii: Red Rocha
> Attended high school in: Hilo
> Team(s): Syracuse Nationals, St. Louis Bombers, 2 others
> Position: Center
> Career: 1947-1957
> Accolades: 2x All-Star, 1x Champion
> Also considered: N/A

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Source: Courtesy of Dean's Cards

Idaho: Steve Hayes
> Attended high school in: Aberdeen
> Team(s): Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz, 4 others
> Position: Center
> Career: 1981-1986
> Accolades: N/A
> Also considered: Gary Freeman

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Source: Elsa / Getty Images

Illinois: Kevin Garnett
> Attended high school in: Chicago
> Team(s): Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets
> Position: Power forward
> Career: 1995-2016
> Accolades: 15x All-Star, 1x MVP, 1x Champion
> Also considered: Isiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade

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Source: Focus On Sport / Getty Images

Indiana: Larry Bird
> Attended high school in: French Lick
> Team(s): Boston Celtics
> Position: Small forward
> Career: 1979-1992
> Accolades: Hall of Fame, 3x MVP, 3x Champion
> Also considered: Oscar Robertson

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Source: Arthur Mouratidis / Flickr

Iowa: Kyle Korver
> Attended high school in: Pella
> Team(s): Philadelphia 76ers, Atlanta Hawks, 4 others
> Position: Shooting guard
> Career: 2003-present
> Accolades: 1x All-Star
> Also considered: Kirk Hinrich

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