The Best Basketball Player From Every State

Source: carolinarob7 / Flickr

Alabama: Charles Barkley
> Attended high school in: Leeds
> Team(s): Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets
> Position: Power forward
> Career: 1984-2000
> Accolades: Hall of Fame, MVP, 11x All-Star
> Also considered: DeMarcus Cousins, George McGinnis

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Alaska: Carlos Boozer
> Attended high school in: Juneau
> Team(s): Utah Jazz, Chicago Bulls, 2 others
> Position: Power forward
> Career: 2002-2015
> Accolades: 2x All-Star
> Also considered: Mario Chalmers

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Arizona: Fat Lever
> Attended high school in: Tucson
> Team(s): Denver Nuggets, Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks
> Position: Point guard
> Career: 1982-1994
> Accolades: 2x All-Star
> Also considered: Richard Jefferson

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Source: Mike Powell / Getty Images

Arkansas: Scottie Pippen
> Attended high school in: Hamburg
> Team(s): Chicago Bulls, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets
> Position: Small forward
> Career: 1987-2004
> Accolades: Hall of Fame, 7x All-Star, 6x Champion
> Also considered: Glen Rice, Sidney Moncrief

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California: Bill Russell
> Attended high school in: Oakland
> Team(s): Boston Celtics
> Position: Center
> Career: 1956-1969
> Accolades: 12x All-Star, 11x Champion, 5x MVP
> Also considered: Gary Payton, Paul Pierce

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