The 33 Balloons in This Year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Source: Macy's, Inc.

26. The Elf On The Shelf by Macy’s
> Balloon dimensions: 46-feet tall, 28-feet wide, 64-feet long
> Handlers: 90

The Elf on the Shelf balloon is 46 feet tall.

Source: Macy's, Inc.

27. The Nutcracker by Universal Orlando Resort
> Balloon dimensions: 45-feet tall, 18.5-feet wide, 16-feet long
> Handlers: N/A

The Nutcracker balloon, representing the timeless Christmas decoration, is 24 times the size of the traditional Nutcracker.

Source: Dreamswork Animation & Universal Pictures

28. Trolls by Dreamworks
> Balloon dimensions: 57-feet long, 38-feet wide, 38-feet tall
> Handlers: 90

The Trolls trio of Poppy, Branch and Guy Diamond, will float down the venerable parade route.

Source: Macy's, Inc.

29. Wiggle Worm by Macy’s
> Balloon dimensions: 19 feet tall, 70 feet long, 19 feet wide
> Handlers: 39

It would take 1,000 real worms to equal the length of the Wiggle Worm balloon, which last appeared at the parade in 2016.

Source: Macy's, Inc.

30. Yellow Macy’s Star
> Balloon dimensions: 25-feet tall, 12 feet long, 24 feet wide
> Handlers: 12

The Macy’s yellow stars are 24 feet long.