America’s 30 Best Chocolate Shops

Source: keri-matt / Flickr

10. Creo Chocolate
> Location: Portland, Oregon
> Average Yelp Rating: 5

Portland is said to have more bean-to-bar chocolate makers than any other city in America. Creo, owned by Tim and Janet Straub and their son, Kevin, is a prime example. The Straubs source cacao beans directly from farmers and handle every aspect of processing them into chocolate themselves. Their bars include whiskey milk chocolate, caramelized white chocolate, and brown butter. There are truffle assortments and chocolate-covered malted milk balls, as well as several variations on sipping chocolate. They even sell chocolate mint lip balm and chocolate-scented candles.

Source: Photo by Kelly H. via Yelp

9. Cacao Drink Chocolate
> Location: Portland, Oregon
> Average Yelp Rating: 4.5

While this Portland chocolate emporium stocks a large variety of bars and other chocolate confections from both domestic and international producers — including such well-known makers as Cluizel, Fran’s (see above), Recchiuti (see above), Dandelion (see below), and Valrhona — their specialty, as their name suggests, is chocolate to drink. On premises, they serve three house-made hot chocolates — French-style dark, spicy dark with coconut milk and ginger, and Venezuelan milk chocolate with cinnamon. They also sell two liquid cacao mixes, one 100% pure dark chocolate, the other a blend of 68% wild Bolivian and 74% organic Dominican chocolate.

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8. Kakawa Chocolate House
> Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
> Average Yelp Rating: 4.5

“Kakawa” is the Olmec word for cacao, and this chocolate shop (there are three locations in the New Mexico capital) draws “on chocolate’s long history, re-creating original Mesoamerican and Colonial chocolate recipes.” Among other things, that means five different Mesoamerican “elixirs” for drinking, several varieties of solid dark chocolate, and roasted árbol chiles dipped in agave caramel and finished with 80% house blend dark chocolate.

Source: sanfranannie / Flickr

7. XOX Truffles
> Location: San Francisco, California
> Average Yelp Rating: 4.5

Jean-Marc Gorce and his wife, Casimira N. Tobilla, opened their chocolate shop in North Beach in 1998 to produce truffles “created with a French attitude, hand-made in the USA.” Unlike most other chocolatiers, they don’t sell a range of bars or non-truffle chocolates — just their eponymous specialty, of which Gorce has thus far concocted 27 varieties. The highlights for one Yelp reviewer were “pomegranate, raspberry, and dark chocolate.”

Source: Photo by Mohib Q. via Yelp

6. Intrigue Chocolate
> Location: Seattle, Washington
> Average Yelp Rating: 5

Former farmer, brewer, and baker Aaron Barthel opened Intrigue in 2006. His truffles and truffle bars are mostly based on Belcolade Belgian chocolate. Though they are by no means all available at the same time, he has produced more than 200 varieties since he started, ranging from absinthe to Zen Dog Studio (flavored with rosebuds). His vividly flavored bars include one flavored with jasmine green tea, Turkish bay leaf, and lemon, and another involving guajillo chile, hibiscus, cassia cinnamon, and vanilla bean.