America’s 30 Best Chocolate Shops

Source: Photo by Sheena W. via Yelp

30. Lilly Chocolates & Confections
> Location: Cleveland, Ohio
> Average Yelp Rating: 5

Mendiants (discs of chocolate inset with fruit and nuts), nut clusters cloaked in chocolate, double-dipped chocolate cornflake “mountains,” and terrapin sliders (described as “chocolate swirled with our signature salted caramel, topped with butter pecans”) are among the unique offerings here. There are also a dozen truffle varieties, in dark, milk, and white chocolate, as well as chocolate bark and drinking chocolate.

Source: Courtesy of Sara B. via Yelp

29. The Best Chocolate in Town
> Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
> Average Yelp Rating: 4.5

Founded in 1998 in the city’s Cultural Arts District, The Best Chocolate in Town (which also sells coffee and ice cream) makes its own small-batch chocolate bars, truffles in 40 flavors, chocolate-robed peanut butter bon bons, and chocolate-covered popcorn, among other confections. There is also a selection of truffle pies with Oreo or house-made graham cracker crusts. Bourbon caramel and tiramisù are among the flavors.

Source: Photo by Jessica H. via Yelp

28. For the Love of Chocolate
> Location: Richmond, Virginia
> Average Yelp Rating: 4.5

Virginia-made Spice Rack Chocolates, a wide selection from the Belgian company Leonidas, chocolate pasta and chocolate-covered Twinkies, and chocolate specialties from France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, and other countries are among the offerings at this self-styled “chocolate nirvana.”

Source: Photo by Aggie C. via Yelp

27. Vosges Haut-Chocolat
> Location: Chicago, Illinois
> Average Yelp Rating: 4.5

Vosges Haut-Chocolat founder Katrina Markoff was hailed by Food & Wine as “THE innovator in chocolate to lead the US through the next 30 years.” Her chocolates are all organic, ethically sourced, and produced in a platinum-LEED-certified plant. The Vosges collection includes a wide range of truffles, chocolate bars, and other confections, as well as a new line of Dalmore single malt scotch-infused chocolates.

Source: Photo by Zuhadi Z. via Yelp

26. Hatch Family Chocolates
> Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
> Average Yelp Rating: 4.5

Describing itself as “Salt Lake City’s guilty pleasure,” Hatch Family Chocolates is a (not surprisingly) family-owned business specializing in hand-dipped milk and dark chocolates, sold in assortments of varying sizes. Caramel chocolate apples and “grandma’s turtles” are also in the repertoire.