The 23 Most Charming Towns in America

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11. Lambertville, New Jersey
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 3,822

Lambertville is in western New Jersey, on the Delaware River. A half-century ago it was run down, but people started renovating its old buildings. Now it has lots of charm and attracts visitors from New York and Philadelphia, both an easy drive away.

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12. Livingston, Montana
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 7,575

Livingston was the “Original Gateway City to Yellowstone National Park” and it’s surrounded by mountain ranges and rivers. It has charming redbrick buildings. The only downside — it’s Montana’s windiest city.

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13. Magnolia Springs, Alabama
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 968

Magnolia Springs gets its name from its many magnolia trees and from the natural springs on both sides of the Magnolia River. Its charms are accentuated by its camellia, azalea, wisteria, and dogwood blossoms.

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14. Manitou Springs, Colorado
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 5,283

Manitou Springs’ name and charm derive from its famous mineral waters. These come from aquifers deep underground. As the water erodes the surrounding limestone, carbonic acid is created, giving the springs their effervescence. This natural carbonation forces the water to the surface through cracks in the rocks, absorbing minerals on the way.

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15. Manzanita, Oregon
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 393

Manzanita is a small town on Oregon’s north coast with a spectacular setting. It’s between the Pacific Ocean and Neahkahnie Mountain and next to Nehalem Bay.