The 19 Best Board Games to Play Online

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Four in a Row

Four in Row, otherwise known as the generic version of Connect 4, is the classic vertical connection board game. The game is simple and fast enough but also has a lot of depth when it comes to strategy and forethought. Players must maneuver to line up four of their pieces while being careful not to leave any openings for their opponent to beat them to four-in-a-row.

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Lichess online chess

Lichess is a popular online chess site that offers the game in a variety of play styles, including blitz, bullet, and classic. The variations differ in time limit and other aspects, which can have considerable impact on the game. (Chess is a whole different thing when moves are made with limited time instead of with meticulous planning.) The site also offers tournaments, leader boards, and professional chess news.

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Mahjong Games

Mahjong was developed in China in the 19th century and has grown to have global popularity. The game and its derivations have a variety of rules and ways of playing, all using tiles with colorful characters on them. Mahjong Games is a website and mobile app that allows users to play everything from the original mahjong to mahjong solitaire and more.

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Based on the map of Atlantic City, New Jersey, the classic game of Monopoly has players scramble to buy land and eventually develop houses and hotels. Players aim to take control of the board and drain their opponents of money. There have been countless Monopoly spinoffs, adapting the board to everything from university towns to “Star Wars.” The game can be played online with friends and strangers or alone against the computer.

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Mysterium is a cooperative game set in the 1920s, in which players must work together to solve a murder. One player takes the role of a ghost who gives clues on the murderer and weapon used. The others are playing as a group of psychics and must work to understand the ghost’s cryptical clues. The game can have two to seven players and takes around 45 minutes.