The 15 Most Popular Food Orders in America

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5. Bean burrito

Beans swaddled in a flour tortilla add up to a dish so simple — and so popular — that even gas station food counters sell it. Maybe all the people who ordered one (or more) to be delivered don’t have cars.

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4. Make your own pizza

A major trend in 2019, says DoorDash, was DIY. Some 96% of DoorDash customers are customizing their food orders in one way or another. And it’s not just pizza. “Create your own sushi roll” is a rising delivery trend, says DoorDash, jumping 902% over last year.

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3. Cheeseburger and French fries

It is said that the average American eats about 30 pounds worth of burgers, with and without cheese, every year, and it’s hard to imagine a more classic combination than this one. Meatless burger alternatives are nowhere to be found in the DoorDash accounting — yet.

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2. Chicken tacos

Mexican offerings take the top two places in this list of the year’s most popular food orders. Are these tacos soft or crispy? Spicy or mild? It doesn’t matter. They’re tacos.

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1. Burrito bowl

Did Chipotle invent the burrito bowl, 15 years ago or so? Possibly. If so, perhaps they’d be able to explain the difference between a burrito bowl and a taco salad, other than the fact that you can usually eat the bowl the taco salad comes in (though most people don’t).