Teams That Play the Dirtiest

Source: Photo by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

All professional athletes have one aspect in common — competitiveness. It is impossible to make it in pro sports without having a strong desire to compete and succeed with your teammates. While this aggressiveness gives many players their edge, it can sometimes go too far. 

Players can use their physicality to their advantage in contact sports, but there is a fine line between playing hard and playing dirty. Players can use contact as an excuse to level an excessive hit on their opponent — often endangering their own safety, especially with hits to the head. These are the greatest athletic careers ruined by injury.

Other athletes go outside the rules to gain a competitive edge, taking performance-enhancing drugs. These events are, thankfully, rare. But some teams seem to have a penchant for playing outside the rules.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed data on the four major U.S. sports leagues regarding recent fines and suspensions for flagrant in-game misconduct and performance-enhancing drug use to determine the dirtiest teams in sports in the last complete season. The data comes from several sources, including Fox Sports, Spotrac, and more.

If a team is committing many hard fouls, that may mean that the team lacks discipline. Flagrant or personal fouls can result in harsh penalties in the game as well as future suspensions. Good teams rarely commit many fouls like this, as good coaches are able to impress upon their players the need to stay focused during the game and not do anything to hurt the team. Subpar coaches may not be able to get their message across, or even encourage such behavior. These are the teams that always fire their coaches.