Take a Look at the Official Pets and Animals of Every State

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21. Massachusetts
> State pet: Tabby cat, Boston terrier
> State mammal(s): Morgan horse
> State bird: Chickadee, wild turkey
> State fish and aquatic life: Cod, right whale

The tabby cat was designated the official state cat in 1988 at the suggestion of the schoolchildren of Massachusetts. As with the calico, “tabby” denotes a color pattern, not a breed. The Boston terrier became the official state dog in 1979. It is a U.S. breed, the result of a cross between an English bulldog and a white English terrier. It has been a popular pet for more than a century.

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22. Michigan
> State pet: N/A
> State mammal(s): White-tailed deer
> State bird: Robin redbreast
> State fish and aquatic life: Brook trout

The white-tailed deer was designated the official game mammal of Michigan in 1997. There were an estimated 1.75 million deer in the state in 2017. The population fluctuates depending on the harshness of the winter and the number harvested in a hunting season. The white-tailed deer is quite an athlete and can run at about 40 miles an hour and clear fences as high as nine feet.

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23. Minnesota
> State pet: N/A
> State mammal(s): N/A
> State bird: Loon
> State fish and aquatic life: Walleye

Minnesota designated the common loon as the official state bird in 1961. It has more common loons than any state except for Alaska. The loons live on lakes in central and northeastern Minnesota and migrate to warmer climates along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico for the winter. Loons are also fast underwater swimmers and can dive as deep as 90 feet.

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24. Mississippi
> State pet: N/A
> State mammal(s): Porpoise
> State bird: Wood duck, mockingbird
> State fish and aquatic life: Largemouth bass

Mississippi designated the bottlenose dolphin, or porpoise, which is common along the Gulf Coast, as the official state water mammal in 1974. Bottlenose dolphins are intelligent and playful and have featured in films, television shows, video games, and novels. Flipper, the subject of the 1960s TV series, was a bottlenose dolphin.

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25. Missouri
> State pet: N/A
> State mammal(s): Missouri fox trotting horse, Missouri mule
> State bird: Bluebird, bobwhite quail
> State fish and aquatic life: Paddlefish, crayfish, channel catfish

The Missouri mule was designated an official state animal in 1995. Mules have long been used to pull wagons and carry cargo, and Missouri was the main provider of mules for decades. They are very strong and rugged and can go places vehicles can’t. In fact, the U.S. Army had mule units as recently as 1957. Mules are the offspring of a female horse and a male donkey and cannot breed themselves.