Quick Ways to Fight the Inevitable Post-Holiday Slump

We are now in the second work week and first full week of the new year. Chances are many people are still struggling with getting back to the grindstone.

The memories of presents, socializing, and laughing are still fresh, but the piles of unfinished work at the office and the thousands of unread emails are slowly, but surely, taking over. If you’re going to survive, you need a few tricks, and quickly.

Dealing with the mountains of work — minus the holiday cheeriness or another day off in the near future — is not impossible. There is no need to turn to drastic measures, such as quitting your job.

It may help to think of your “new” old reality in terms of what you no longer have to do: no more social obligations or time with relatives who insist on talking about politics. All you need is a positive attitude and a few strategies for your “plan of attack.” Introduce them into your daily routine over the next couple of weeks to ease into the transition back to work.

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