These Will Be the Most Popular Names in a Decade

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Top 10 Girls’ Names of 2028

10. Sofia
> Popularity in 2018: No. 159

Sofia is a form of the name Sophia, which means wisdom or skill in Greek. The name has been popular in England since the 17th century. Other variants include Sofiya, Sohvi, and Sophie.

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9. Ava
> Popularity in 2018: No. 8

Ava is a form of the name Eve. Its origin is unclear but it may come from the Latin “avis,” meaning bird. It may also be a shorter version of the name Chava, which means life or living in Hebrew.

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8. Aria
> Popularity in 2018: No. 56

Aria means air in Italian. It is also a musical terms that means a solo in an opera. The Hebrew version of Aria is Ariel and it means lion of God. Other forms include Arya and Ariya.

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7. Mia
> Popularity in 2018: No. 45

Mia is Italian for my or mine. The name is also a Scandinavian short form of Maria. In Latin Mia means wished-for child.

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6. Evelyn
> Popularity in 2018: No. 22

Evelyn is more commonly known as an English last name, and it used to be considered a boy’s name. The name may have originated as a mixture of Eve, which means life or living in Hebrew, and Lynn, . It may also be the English version of Aveline, which is the French variant of the Germanic Avila.