Spirit Isn’t America’s Worst Airline Anymore

A new report on U.S. airlines quality showed the highest quality ranking in the 29-year history of the rankings.

Ocean Plastics 10 Times Worse in the Last 20 Years Than...

The amount of plastic debris found in the North Atlantic has increased by more than 10 times since the turn of the 21st century.

The Official Pets and Animals of Every State

America is a continent-sized country of extraordinary natural diversity. While the bald eagle is the national bird and the North American bison the national...

Good Friday Traditions From Around the World

Commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, Good Friday is perhaps the most solemn day of the year in the Christian calendar. Typical...

A Single Tiny Change on Nutrition Labels Could Save Many Lives

Nearly a million cases of heart disease and diabetes could be prevented by the implementation of one small change on food ingredient labels. According to...

This Is America’s Favorite Coffee Brand — And It’s Not Starbucks

Of all the coffees sold at all the coffee shops and grocery stores, this one stood out in a new major national survey of brands.

Best Museum in Every State

Few institutions stamp the cultural identity of a nation, region, or city like museums. Whether they are venerable sites such as the Art Institute of...

Just Smiling Is Enough to Make People Happier, Study Says

When people get happy, they often smile. New research shows that when people smile, on the other hand, they get happy. But do they?

Your Airline Seat Is Going to Get Tinier

Among the most frequent complaints about air travel is that seats get smaller and so does the distance between seats. That is about to get worse.

Hospital Patients Are Spreading Superbugs

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers wash their hands thoroughly and often to avoid spreading germs. According to a new study from the University...