NFL Teams With the All-Time Worst Losing Streaks

Source: Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Every team has bad years, and some have bad decades. And a few manage to go even further than that. Through all of it some fans stick by their sides and for that they have our admiration. However, many of the teams on this list didn’t survive their own demise and ended up moving to new cities in search of a fresh start. Some of these teams are famous for being bad for most of their history. Others have fluctuated between being powerhouses and doormats.

Sometimes teams are just bad for a long time and we fans make the mistake of getting our hopes up at the beginning of every season just to be disappointed. However, watching a team come so close to winning it all and falling short can be far more crushing. Especially if it happens again and again without them ever clinching the trophy. Check out the NFL teams that have lost the most Super Bowls.

Consecutive losing seasons can be difficult to watch and hurt a team’s viewership, attendance and merchandise sales. If this happens a few years, it’s not the end of the world but if it continues it can present an existential crisis for a franchise. We’d all like to believe our teams are pillars of the city and as much a part of it as any landmark. However, extended losing streaks can have ownership rethinking things and looking for a new start elsewhere. Sometimes teams keep the name when they move but other times the organization rebrands entirely, and a legendary franchise is retired to the history books. Check out the greatest pro sports teams that disappeared.

To determine the NFL teams with the most consecutive losing seasons, 24/7 Tempo reviewed data from Pro Football Reference on the history of each active NFL franchise. Seasons played in the AFL or other competitor leagues were not considered.