Natural Wonders So Awesome It’s Hard to Believe They Exist

Source: LeoPatrizi / Getty Images

21. Northern Lights
> Location: Various

Best seen above the earth’s magnetic poles, the Northern Lights are the result of collisions between charged solar particles and gasses in the earth’s atmosphere. The various colors are caused by oxygen or nitrogen at different heights, from 60 to 200 miles above the earth.

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22. Milford Sound
> Location: New Zealand

A fiord on the Southwest side of New Zealand’s South Island, Milford Sound is a glacial formation of dark water surrounded by cliffs, waterfalls, and steep mountains covered in rainforest. The area is home to populations of seals, dolphins, penguins, and rare black coral.

Source: Torresigner / Getty Images

23. Paricutin Volcano
> Location: Mexico

One of the youngest volcanoes on earth, Paricutin began to form in 1943, when it erupted in the corn field of a local farmer and proceeded to bury two villages. It rose 1,475 feet in the first year and kept erupting until 1952.

Source: 1001slide / Getty Images

24. Mount Kilimanjaro
> Location: Tanzania

A dormant volcano, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world. Its peak is 19,341 feet above sea level. The mountain contains five distinct climate zones ranging from lush tropical farmland and rainforest to high desert, to Arctic glaciers.