Musicians Who Told Politicians ‘Don’t Use My Song’

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26. Rolling Stones
> Song: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Sympathy for the Devil, Brown Sugar
> Politician: Donald Trump
> Outcome:

While The Stones repeatedly asked Trump not to play their songs, they eventually accepted that at some point there was no way to stop him as he held the legal rights to do so.

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27. Rush
> Song: Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio
> Politician: Rand Paul
> Outcome:

The Canadian rock band Rush asked 2010 Senate nominee Rand Paul to stop playing their music at rallies. Though some have interpreted early band lyrics as having libertarian leanings, Rush’s attorney stated it was “not a political issue” but “a copyright issue.”

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28. Sam & Dave
> Song: Hold On I’m Coming
> Politician: Barack Obama
> Outcome:

Democrats have been asked to stop playing music as well. In 2008, Sam Moore of Sam & Dave asked Barack Obama to refrain from playing his “Hold On I’m Coming” over fears it would look like the singer had endorsed the candidate. The Obama campaign agreed to stop.

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29. Silversun Pickups
> Song: Panic Switch
> Politician: Mitt Romney
> Outcome:

The Silversun Pickups’ song “Panic Switch” was reportedly played once as a Romney rally was being set up, yet this was enough to push the band to send a cease-and-desist letter. The Romney campaign maintained that they had the rights to play the song, but despite this they didn’t play it again.

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30. Sting
> Song: Brand New Day
> Politician: Al Gore, George W. Bush
> Outcome:

Both Bush and Gore hoped to use Sting’s “Brand New Day” as their campaign theme song in 2000 but both were turned down by the English rocker.