50 Movies Critics Hate But Audiences Love

Source: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

10. Sweet November (2001)
> Directed by: Pat O’Connor
> Starring: Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jason Isaacs

Despite having Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in leading roles, only 15% of critics liked the romance “Sweet November” on Rotten Tomatoes. The largest complaints were the movie being hard to believe and overly sentimental. Fans on the site delivered it a much higher rating of 76%.

Source: Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures

9. Beaches (1988)
> Directed by: Garry Marshall
> Starring: Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey, John Heard

Both Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey have starred in critically acclaimed films, yet “Beaches” — in which the two appear as lifelong friends — only won over 40% of professional reviewers cataloged on Rotten Tomatoes. The majority of non-professional users on the site — 88% — enjoyed it, however, with one reviewer admitting the movie always makes them cry.

Source: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

8. Almost Heroes (1998)
> Directed by: Christopher Guest
> Starring: Chris Farley, Matthew Perry, Bokeem Woodbine

One of the final films to star Chris Farley, “Almost Heroes” received only 8% positive reviews from critics. David Kronke, writing for the Los Angeles Times, takes issue with the movie’s “lame script and dithering direction.” Audiences were less disappointed, with 64% of those rating it on Rotten Tomatoes enjoying it.

Source: Courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films and Destination Films

7. Facing the Giants (2006)
> Directed by: Alex Kendrick
> Starring: Alex Kendrick, Shannen Fields, Jason McLeod

This faith-based film from ordained minister Alex Kendrick about God and football was off-putting to critics who dismissed it as “banal” and “insipid” who gave it just a 16% Freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Jeff Strickler of the Minneapolis Star Tribune said the “proselytizing in this football movie is about as subtle as a blindside hit by a 300-pound defensive end.” Audiences gave it an 85% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with one viewer likening it to a Christian version of “Remember the Titans.”

Source: Courtesy of Lionsgate

6. Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)
> Directed by: Darren Grant
> Starring: Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris, Tyler Perry

Filmmaker Tyler Perry has starred in numerous critically acclaimed movies, including “Star Trek” (2009) and “Gone Girl” (2014). He has had a more difficult time receiving good reviews for his comedies — such as the Madea movies — many of which he has written himself. “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” for which 16% of the critics reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are positive, is one example. Rotten Tomatoes users, however, blessed the film with a score of 87%.