Movie Remakes That Are Better Than The Original

Source: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

16. Fever Pitch (2005)
> Directed by: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
> Starring: Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Jason Spevack
> Original movie: Fever Pitch (1997)
> Difference in index score: 0.10

Based on Nick Hornby’s autobiography of the same name, the 1997 “Fever Pitch” film is decidedly more English. The British rom-com follows a soccer-mad school teacher whose obsession disturbs his romantic relationship.

The American-produced film from 2005 stars Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, the latter of whom is passionate about baseball, specifically the Boston Red Sox. Only half the critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave positive reviews to the original film, whereas 65% enjoyed the latter, with the site describing it as a “solid hit.”

Source: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

15. The Fly (1986)
> Directed by: David Cronenberg
> Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz
> Original movie: The Fly (1958)
> Difference in index score: 0.15

Critics found favor with the character development and special effects in David Cronenberg’s 1986 imaginative remake of the 1958 parable about the consequences of dabbling with nature, giving it a 93% Freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences awarded the film a score of 83%, topping the score of 71% for the original that starred one of cinema’s great ghoulish performers, Vincent Price.

Source: Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures

14. Freaky Friday (2003)
> Directed by: Mark Waters
> Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon
> Original movie: Freaky Friday (1976)
> Difference in index score: 0.17

Critics freaked for the 2003 remake of “Freaky Friday,” bestowing upon it an 88% Freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The original, starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, received a 70% rating. The site’s Critics Consensus cites the charming performances of Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in this fun body-switching movie. A third, made-for-TV version of “Freaky Friday” was also made and released by Disney in 1995.

Source: Courtesy of Esfera Cultural

13. We Are What We Are (2013)
> Directed by: Jim Mickle
> Starring: Bill Sage, Ambyr Childers, Julia Garner
> Original movie: We Are What We Are (2010)
> Difference in index score: 0.19

The 2013 version of the horror film “We Are What We Are” is a remake of the 2010 Mexican film of the same name. The plot centers around a reclusive family living according to ancient traditions. The daughters must assume special responsibilities as the family tries to keep their way of life after the mother dies.

The remake is much more liked by critics than the original. It has an 86% Freshness score on Rotten Tomatoes, topping the original, which is liked by 72% of critics.

Source: Courtesy of New Line Cinema

12. Willard (2003)
> Directed by: Glen Morgan
> Starring: Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey, Laura Harring
> Original movie: Willard (1971)
> Difference in index score: 0.19

“Willard” is a horror film loosely based on the novel “Ratman’s Notebooks” by Stephen Gilbert. The novel’s first film adaptation from 1971 was a surprise hit. A sequel, “Ben,” was even released a year later.

The 2003 version was a reworking of the themes from the original movie but with more emphasis put on suspense. About 64% of critics liked the remake compared to 57% for the original. The remake beats the original 51% to 38% when it comes to viewers liking it.