America’s Most Visited City Parks

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30. Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico
> Annual visitation: 1,300,000
> Park agency: Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department

Source: Courtesy of Chesapeake City Park via Yelp

29. Chesapeake City Park, Chesapeake, Virginia
> Annual visitation: 1,500,000
> Park agency: Chesapeake Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

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28. Mecklenburg County Sportsplex, Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
> Annual visitation: 1,527,988
> Park agency: Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation

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27. Gray’s Lake Park, Des Moines, Iowa
> Annual visitation: 1,750,000
> Park agency: Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department

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25. City Park, Denver, Colorado
> Annual visitation: 2,000,000
> Park agency: Denver Parks and Recreation